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Best Diet Tip EVER | The Worst Diet Mistake Everyone Makes | Weight Loss & Fat Loss Diet

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2017)

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There are certain mistakes that I see again and again when my clients go on a diet that I want to share with you guys for you to be able to avoid these mistakes yourselves.

The biggest mistake that leads you directly to cheating on any diet plan out there in the world is believing your own mind. When you’re doing a diet to lose body fat you have to restrict your calories enough for your body to start using its own body fat for fuel. You’re body doesn’t want to burn the fat stores so even before you get to that point, you’re going to experience the feeling of hunger.

So now this is the most important point that you can take from this video.
You’re minds hunger and your bodies hunger are two different things. Your body has an actual need for food that needs to be fulfilled or else you’ll actually starve. You’re mind on the other hand does not need any food, but it’s always full of wonderful suggestions about what will satisfy the physiological hunger that your body is feeling. I don’t think there’s anyone just starting off on a diet, day 1, thinking I’m so hungry I just need some broccoli and chicken. No Way, everyone’s mind is telling them I miss chocolate or pasta or ice cream or whatever. But the truth is to actually satisfy your bodies hunger something healthy would do the job a lot better. If you just make the choice to ignore your mind and try to fill up on healthy food, and you can even tell yourself if I still want the ice cream or if i still want the bag of Doritos I can have it after I try to fill up on the healthy food. Just to shut your mind up tell yourself that. Because I promise you 10 out of 10 times that you sit down and eat oatmeal, or chicken, spinach, and broccoli, or a kale salad, or whatever healthy stuff you eat you’re mind isn’t going to want the junk anymore. Why do you think eating a lot of vegetables is recommended on almost any diet on the face of the earth. Because they make you feel full and eliminate that feeling of hunger. When the feeling of hunger is gone, you’re mind shuts up about eating junk food.

The mind is very tricky and it will be the biggest advocate for all that junk food and then once you listen to your mind and eat all that garbage it back lashes at you. Rather than thanking you for allowing yourself to eat all the things that your mind was saying were going to make you feel good your mind starts beating you up. “Why did I do that?” “You have no self control?” “You failed the diet?” “I feel disgusting” “Oh well might as well go eat more junk maybe that’ll make me feel better” and then it turns into a vicious cycle.

People that start a diet especially in the beginning are extremely vulnerable to listening to what their mind wants rather than what their body needs. You’re body doesn’t want the ice cream. Trust me when you’re body has to digest that vanilla fudge caramel swirl ice cream, its not very happy. But you’re mind’s in the background like yes yes yes, I need this, I’m fat. I’m sleepy.

So the best tip that I can give you to solve this problem is have healthy meals prepared in your fridge ready to go. The faster you can satisfy the physical feeling of hunger the faster your mind will stop with its suggestions. If you have to stand there and cook a healthy meal from scratch there’s going to be a lot of time that you’re going to have to battle with your minds cravings. If you don’t have time to prepare healthy meals for yourself or if you really suck at making tasty healthy meals there are tons of meal prep companies that can ensure that you have healthy meals ready to go.

The other mistake that people make is in the area of cheating. Don’t get me wrong its okay to have a cheat meal, i have one sometimes more every week. But its important to balance out your macros for that day and offset that cheat meal. Forgetting what you ate throughout the day is a bigger problem than most ppl think. And this problem could be completely eliminated by tracking what you eat in a diet journal. But if you’re like me and you don’t like to track everything that you eat then you really have to pay attention to all of those extra calories. People will start a diet thinking that their doing everything correctly, but are constantly cheating with little mistakes that could add up. For example they might have a glass of wine at night or have sugar in their coffee or grab something extra that somebody brought in to work. The truth is a lot of times when we’re dieting and feel like we’re following a plan 100% a lot of times we’re not.

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  2. I haven’t ate candy in almost two years. I broke the habit by eating food with nature sugar vs added sugar.

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  4. Don't make this weight loss diet mistake….

    Don't let one bad meal throw you off your diet! You can't perfect be all the time.

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  8. I've been on keto for almost 2 months and don't miss the foods I used to. I just eat what I know is healthy like protein and vegetables and healthy fats, sometimes a little bit of fruit just to get a taste.

  9. Patricia Richardson

    I love this channel. I get so much encouragement from it. This video Is soo true, for a while I was doing good and then I fell off and like he said, it becomes a vicious cycle. I will continue to try to prep my meals more.

  10. very helpful

  11. Gravity this was much needed!! Thank you!!!

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    And a big part of this is dopamine.
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