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(Last Updated On: January 4, 2018)

How can you prepare meals that are low in calories and prices? Pinoy MD helps you fix your healthy meals perfect for your budget.

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  1. hehe hilig daw mg luto ni erah..pero puro order sia sa labas..heheheh

  2. naka ilang ok ka???? ok ka lng?

  3. muslimah.Alhamdulillah

    Please try not to eat and drink on plastic containers, the toxic chemicals on plastic can leak through the food and drinks.

  4. My cousin introduced me towards the diet called “lyly amazing guide” (Google it). This is a weight loss plan that seriously works. Initially I was a bit skeptical but in couple of weeks I’ve already shed over 14 pounds. Google it to learn more.

  5. Mikaela Guevarra

    nasan po yung mismong procedure ng mga food

  6. My cousin explained to me about the “lyly amazing guide” (Google it). This is a diet program that seriously works. To start with I was a bit skeptical in two weeks I’ve already dropped over 14 pounds. Anyone who wants to lose some serious fat without doing harm to the body simply has to try “lyly amazing guide”. Google it right now!

  7. dka papayat dyan
    … avoid sugar…. mag high protein diet ka nd low carb

  8. Following the paleo program was worthwhile since I gained good results. You must google “loso shocking plan” since the results were truly astonishing. I additionally know another person who lost Fifteen pounds. I cannot wait to try the recipes in this plan. They sound delicious and wholesome!

  9. The Truth nothing but the Truth

    jusko napakamahal naman kapag mag aavail ka ng mga meal plan na yan. pera pera din talaga kahit saan.

  10. Amberbleu Bucheery

    It's not advisable to eat only 1,200 calories a day. Your body would be on survival mode and it would store fat even more.

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  12. Anyone tried the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I have heard some incredible things about it and my friend lost a ton of weight with it.

  13. 1200cal, too low for me. Pwede ba to ma customize ang macros?

  14. "fizy unique plan" (Google it) is just an awesome diet guide which delivers fabulous results. I have dropped 16 pounds. If you're not conscious of it, just search it on Google. Surely, it's well worth to try.

  15. I never dreamed I might get such wonderful weight-loss results. Within the 1st several of days, I had already said goodbye to 5 pounds. Interested? Google “loli special plan” and try it for yourself.

  16. I read lots of good reviews on the net about how exactly Fenoboci Diet Plan (just google search it) can assist you lost a lot of weight. Has anyone tried using this popular weight loss system?

  17. Bakit di pumayat ang chef? Akala ko ba pang diet ang pagkain nito..

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