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Full day Diet Plan to GAIN WEIGHT for Beginners! PART 2! (Hindi / Punjabi)

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2018)


When it comes to GAINING WEIGHT, one must understand that we need to exercise and eat. We cant just eat and start the blame game.

In the Part 2 of the tutorial we build a beginners diet plan comprising of 2500 calories.

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Part 1 – Diet Plan to GAIN WEIGHT for Beginners!


Day 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sou12pLJFCc
Day 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfAAU3hVu5U
Day 3 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMqj2R62CO8
Day 4 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTX5ya6zuYs
Day 5 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SwqeFpf26Y

Weight Loss Diet!

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  1. Helloo broo , paji me punjab ,patiala toh , 22 g mera right sholder da muscle loss hogya c , te hun bohat pain hunda koi v exercises ch , muscle recover ya muscle gai lai kuch dasdo g , koi diet , te paji me actualy boxing krda

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  3. can i use isolate protein shake being a ectomorph

  4. Which protein shake is best

  5. Ur so lovely …funy

  6. Paaji what's your WhatsApp number

  7. bhai tune paneer add nhe kra ??
    uska kuch bta !! kitna le ? thik ha ?

  8. Hi Sunny bro, im from Pakistan i used to drink Ensure milk, can it covers the Protein shake ?

  9. Sunny paaji. I’ve been waiting for your video for people living in western countries. I live in Australia. Hope you upload that soon. Thanks

  10. Hey sir you are telling to take protein shake 3 times? Is that good for beginners?

  11. Which protein is best?


    Paaji vegetarian bndo k liye bhi 1 diet video bna do.
    Isme to non veg add kita hai aapne

  13. sir u are great

  14. Bhai Kuch Aisa Bataya Karo Jo Aaram Se Hazam Ho Jaye Yaar Kabhi Itna Nhi Khaya Kuch Aisa Batado Ki Loose Motion Na Ho Bhot Problem Ho Gaye Idhar

  15. Bhai bohat heavy deit hai

  16. Nice bhai best ha ye bhi bta dio ki gainer konsa acha h ji

  17. Haha 🙂 smjhaun da treeka ghaintt,,,,

  18. love u bhai :*

  19. shaik afsar Pasha sameer

    Can we eat tat much of food at one time

  20. shaik afsar Pasha sameer

    Hi bro u are saying chikken itself gives 60 to 70 grms of protien but peopls say aur body can only take 30 grams of protien per time hows tat pls let me knw how much protien fat and carb aur body can obserb at one time

  21. Bro you whatsapp group konsa hai???

  22. Sir
    I don't want to gain weight.
    My age is 30
    Weight is 66
    Height 167 cm

    I wanna grow muscles.
    What diet should I follow?

  23. Can girls also go with this diet plan?. Sunny bhai pls upload a home workout plan for grls too pls pls pls pls…

  24. dude plz talk more hindi and less punjabi

  25. Sir protein shake Ka naam bataya jaye

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  27. what is protein shake ???

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    Bro I don't know about protein shake.. please elaborate about that. Baki videos ghaint a 👌

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  30. андри толы

    Wow sir amazing tips am big fan of you you are great sir
    Salaam from Pakistan

  31. Bhai ji jo bnda protein shake n le skta wo k kree is diet me change

  32. bro can u please suggest a good protein powder for my daily diet.

  33. Bhai main workout gym mai nai karta par weight badhana chahta hu help bhai

  34. sirra la te pra…att aa bnaeyo jao video bhot vadia kam karde ho

  35. Ya part 3 nhi mal rha ha hahhaha

  36. ustad g 3rd part kdo ana?

  37. Bai eh kive pata laggu k body nu total kinne calories chahidi aa?

  38. Sunny paji, my one of friend has wieght 87kg and he lives in Jalandhar…he wants to know desi protine diet to build body.

  39. which type da protein shake paaji??

  40. You will just look pregnant.. hahahahahahhAhaha… sunny veer apko comedy show karna chahye… lv from Pakistan

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