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Kareena Kapoor’s Diet Secrets – Rujuta Diwekar – Indian Food Wisdom

(Last Updated On: January 11, 2018)

Bollywood Diva Kareena Kapoor accepted that she used to eat fat free cheese and believed the myths about the weight loss industry. But the day she met Rujuta she started eating everything her mother fed her during her childhood days. She says Rujuta taught her and Saif to feel good and hence they dont even feel like eating something that will harm their body.

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  1. I love kareena😁

  2. Make today Beautiful

    Please do a segment whats in her bag

  3. hi,, i m really happy someone you come with this idea loved it.. help me to lose weight.. can i reach you somehow… love you

  4. Shanker Chennapareddy

    Hi Rujuta and Kareena, I remember my grandfather when eating the food he would open his palm with fingers open and ask to fill it with ghee. I used to eat in the same in my childhood until 8 years. I abused alcohol in Africa in my early 30's. Later I move to America I followed the diet I was suggested by my doctors but still went through triple bypass surgery lost two toes. I hit the gym regularly, lost size but not weight. I am in confused state should I follow the american diet or the Indian?

  5. Saif has had an amazing positive influence on her life! No more pretentious kareena i loved this

  6. she is superb…love u kareena….

  7. I love you Kareena. You spoke my mind. I have the same perception. I feel our Indian food has so much of nutrients that it can naturally help us to have a better body. That's what I have been telling to most of my friends! Thank you once again

  8. shaziafarheen abid


  9. shaziafarheen abid


  10. Kareena is so beautiful her skin is lush

  11. Ekdam jhoot…they stay only on juices.. rice toh dekhti bhi nahi hogi. Why r u misguiding people. Share u r real secrets.. this is just for promotion..

  12. You dont have common sensé, if our food was Healthy, we wouldnt be thé diabètes captial of thé World.

  13. I love ur eyes uh r my favrriieee

  14. please upload diet plan for hypothyroid for weight loss and dos and dont

  15. I wash Kareena's lovely sexy dirty shit (gaand) hole after she passes stools (shit) every morning in the toilet

  16. In America there’s a fad of eating coconut oil and ghee now. Health conscious people are now cooking with those. We have been eating those in India for centuries. The point is that moderation is good. Quality vs quantity! A teaspoon of ghee in a bowl of daal is not going to kill you. Even if you eat it daily. Of course if you are eating three paranthas with butter and chasing that with a bowl of kheer for dinner, that’s a problem. Obesity is a problem in the US because of portion sizes and availability as well as busy lifestyles.

  17. Hello mam

    Good afternoon

    I have a doubt

    I am drinking the below juice from July,

    1. (1 beetroot, 3-4carrots and 1 apple) juice every day by extracting the pulp.

    2. Spinach (extracting the pulp) on two days onces basis from August.

    Is that have a side effect on our body on long run

    I am worried that it will have side effects

    Can you please give me a suggestion

    That I shd continue drinking everday or not

    Please mam

    Your reply and information means lot to me

  18. Who did the traslation to english pathetic fellow

  19. Dal chawal is my love also

  20. Lieing…..

  21. shani hai …….how did she loose wait after hulchal

  22. She looks so pretty <3 I wish I had her metabolism tho 🙁 I get fat just by breathing near food

  23. A nice point she discussed is that we r blindly following the western diet which is correct for their body type n weather..
    They never bother to follow our diet then y should we..
    Also that she says that ghee is healthy…yes it is at right amount n time it strengthens u and makes the molecular bonds stronger.
    If u look at our elders like my grandpa who just turned 100 yrs.. What was their diet??
    It was authentic Indian food in right amount n at right time.. Plus exercise for d body…u don't have to cut on ur diet then…

  24. P hindi

  25. This is what I love about her.She is not like those actresses who eat avacado toast, quinoa and protein bars and stay skinny.Eating normal,in moderation with proper exercise is all that is required.

  26. Making Life Much Better

    I love all the advice and will follow this diet

  27. She is saying eat what you have enjoyed since child hood but be careful. I agree with it. Changing diet to foods and tastes that we do not enjoy is not sustainable to lose weight

  28. First time..i liked listening to her for such a long time..maybe the bckground music was too soothing

  29. ur rite

  30. Knew I had to shed around 10 pounds, but every diet plan and technique I experimented with, let me down. I simply never received any substantial results. But the diet “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) came out to be the program for me. Inside of only one week, seven days, I actually lost 5 lbs.

  31. Rajendraprasad Shinde

    Luckiest are we who had grandmothers and her generation lasted till some 10 years ago…we relished food made at home…at friends and rural locations …all quite close to Rujuta's advice…Chutney bhakri of Raja's days turned into complex north south influence on Peshvas…continued by educated Marathi middle class…all this is easily understood in her excellent contribution… I am going to play her videos to my students..born and brought in rural Maharashtra…they will surely be inspired how she defeats all western …copy west attitude in elite class

  32. can u control sugar level and weight gain by eating rice , roti or high carb food?

  33. she is right eat moderate n do more exercses and cut down sugar and not eating in between. we can eat anything but not overeating.

  34. wooow

  35. love u kareena from refugee film onwards.I don't mind ur fat ur thin whatever.I just love u.sooooooo much

  36. love u kareena from refugee film onwards.I don't mind ur fat ur thin whatever.I just love u.sooooooo much

  37. love u Bebo!! best actresssss

  38. Kareena and shilpa have made very good physique. all credit goes to their diet plans

  39. Wrong talking about lose weight I can't

  40. wat an irritating interview…tryin to b too cool…fake

  41. comes from an actress who drank just orange juice and got fainted on the shooting sets…😂

  42. Hi kareena

  43. She is absolutely right and I agree with her, how can you stop eating carbs living in India it's impossible.

  44. Pallavi Anandjiwala

    Rujuta i was very much overweight and looked ugly when in my early twenties but now I am fit and beautiful natural, I am following your diet everything you said everyday. thanks for making me thin and beautiful naturally by eating right. thanks for writing "Dont Lose your mind , Lose your weight" God bless you thanks a million

  45. sabari kanagaraju

    Its a good video…First thing she sounds so pleasant…….But it could have been educational if she talked about moderation or portion control…I am sure she is not eating pulao and biriyani everyday and every meal…even in party she will have a measure of it….Another key thing is its overall lifestyle which will make a difference not just eating Indian food and sitting in a couch and claiming I am going native into the roots!!! Balance is key…..

  46. gr8 thinking yaar hats off😘we shuld proud of our culture..

  47. Eat normal healthy food in moderation and stay active and well hydrated it's the only way to stay fit

  48. can someone here please explain me what's with her lower jaw tooth

  49. I found the best possible weight loss plan at https://twitter.com/worldnews977/status/875750066140610560
    hope it will help?

  50. kareena kapoor share very good tips

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