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Kids Try 100 Years of Brown Bag Lunches from 1900 to 2000 | Bon Appetit

(Last Updated On: February 8, 2018)

We had a panel of school lunch experts (a.k.a. kids) taste test 100 years of sack lunches from 1900 to today. Here’s what they thought about spam, tuna wraps, Lunchables, and everything in between.

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Kids Try 100 Years of Brown Bag Lunches from 1900 to 2000 | Bon Appetit

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  1. That girl that said i feel so bad for my mom and dad likr his your saying your mom and dad are dead

  2. I like coffee and I’m nine

  3. Damnn…1980ppl have better lunches than me

  4. Gavmcool Animations

    It's amazing how we humans evolved

  5. Anthony Argueta Yebra

    Who’s getting hungry

  6. My school food is good! We get Pizza Hut Pizza!

  7. There picky

  8. The 1970s brown bag lunch is what I eat everyday for lunch

  9. Vladimir Computin Productions

    “I only eat what's trending” how can a food be trending

  10. 1980 was the best

  11. So they basically don't like nothing… :3

  12. “That’s old” 😂

  13. うどんえいあ


  14. JhinJhin Entertainment

    I'm Weird… Every lunch in this video sounds delicious

  15. konrad kedzierski

    2016 is a year not a decade

  16. i would love to be a kid in 1920

  17. Girl: “I eat what’s trending.” gets out TidPods delicious!

  18. Thegreatcanadianlumberjack

    In Early 1900's seemed like pretty Simple Lunches and not to mention there was War and the Great depression you got basically whatever was available. Once the 1950's and 60's Rolled around that is when things got weird especially since i believe refrigeration was a fairly new concept back then. i noticed that not much has changed for Lunches since the 70 and 80's

  19. "I eat whats trending"
    Kids these days, they only do whats trending to be cool and even it they dont like it they do it


  20. Ummm when the girl said that she feels bad about what her parents ate back then, when it said 1910 I was thinking wow your parents must be old.

  21. Andrew Sneeringer

    I want to see her jump off a bridge. I love spamwich’s

  22. I don't have packed lunches I eat what the cafeteria is serving or go buy myself something from seven eleven or whatever I usually have 20 to myself for the week but knowing me I spend it all in one or two day cause It takes a lot of food for me to become full

  23. Grinded For this channel

    I can’t believe my parents ate this I’m pretty sure your parents weren’t alive over 100 years ago

  24. that boy EXPOSED those cheap lunches lmao

  25. soda wass back theeeen?

  26. Dang that slize of pizza was HUGE

  27. Cafeteria lunch is cheap

  28. Planet Giakhangdo


  29. Serafina DiMerrow

    For the 1930s it was just bread and beans because this was during the time of the Great Depression.

  30. Spoiled fucks

  31. The Father Of Pepsi and Coca-Cola is Tab Cola

  32. Crazy how unhealthy the lunches got

  33. 1980’s is where it’s at

  34. I don’t eat stuff like lunchables. I EAT FRUIT AND VEGGIES 😪 But they’re good.

  35. Gaming With Aldon

    "I would rather jump off a bridge then eat this"


  36. frostedwonderland aj

    By 2030 all of our food will be 3D printed..

  37. You had a 90s lunch and you didn't include Gushers?

  38. 2018 Lunch:
    Slime, Tide Pods, Coke, Tide Pods, Tide Pods

  39. How they get Pepsi crystal I thought they stopped making that

  40. These kids are disrespectful and mean! Man I would enjoy a spam sandwich

  41. Autism In Auschwitz

    The '70s one looks the best

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