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Mimi’s Tips on Healthy Diet

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2018)

I live by a quote ” You are what you eat” . So, in this video I share with you some of my tips on healthy eating. You do not need to follow all of my tips, it’s good to know what’s healthy and not, and then make your own decisions as to how you will live your life and what to eat regularly.

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  1. Gabriella Disavino

    Are you *f serious? Do you realise that tou are saying that being healthy is about being thin? No double chin so you are healthy… who are you to talk about this stuff with sommich confidence? Please be careful about what you say. You work in an industry where it is easy to feel like you have a say in anything you want. Because your job is to talk but you are no scientist or researcher.

  2. Fruit has too much sugar?!

  3. hey Mimi- love the video! Could you please make a video on eating healthy while travelling? I find that super tricky and would love to hear your thoughts on it 🙂

  4. This is the most powerful weight loss instruction that I've ever come across. I have dropped 8.5 pounds. I wish I could have googled about "fizy unique plan" (Google it) just before with out throwing away my time on some other solutions.

  5. Mimi Ithink you look beautiful and God Bless you you can do all this at 36 weeks. Thank you for sharing please let us know when that little girl arrives.

  6. I realize you posting this because it was requested so much, but not all of it accurate or based in science — for instance, trans fat does not mean "deep fried." and it doesn't go "straight to your thighs, arms, double chin"…
    Basically "healthier" fats (unsaturated/liquid) have double-bonded hydrocarbon tails, while the "unhealthier" (saturated/solid) have none. Trans fat are created by artificially by taking an unsaturated, healthy fat and changing those hydrocarbon tails to resemble something in between — hence why trans fats are spreadable, rather than just liquid or solid (margarine, crisco, whatever). Trans fats are getting bad press because basically it's less natural than any other fat — your body doesn't recognize the artificial parts of it and stores it instead.

  7. Fishing is the most environmentally damaging aspect of animal agriculture… So yeah you should cut out seafood.

  8. I slowly transitioned myself and kids to brown rice by mixing it with white, then once we got used to the texture, I completely only cook brown rice now. I want to try wild rice now that you mention it.

  9. WOW! You are on your way of being a vegan!! Wow! Respect Girl! What an inspiration you are for all us! Thank you!<3

  10. Mimi u look gr888 in that white dress. Pls mention what brand it is.

  11. One correction: Alcohol does not have caffeine. In a few instances, alcohol and caffeine are mixed together, like in energy drinks, which can be extremely harmful to the body.

  12. Check out Dr mcdougal and the starch solution, Dr Neal Barnard, nutritionfacts.org with Dr Michael Greger, Dr Campbell and the China study! All great resources for plant based (Vegan) diets! Carbs are not the enemy:)

  13. I really enjoyed your tips, actually i was seaching for tips like these. I am actually considering a vegan diet as well..if anyone considering this as well u should take a vitamin B12 suppliment

  14. Do you know how much protein and carbs you eat in a day? DO you keep track??

  15. Such great tips

  16. You can take proteins from Indian pulses(gram daal, moong daal) as a substitute for meat proteins.

  17. You forgot to mention that green tea also has caffein or even better teein

  18. i watched this video two years ago and the #1 thing i took from it was when my body is thirsty it needs water and whenever i get to choose a drink i remember this and pick water and i tell everyone i know that, but i forgot where i heard that and now watching it again i know. you have made a huge difference in my diet and for that i thank you so much, mimi!! xx 

  19. Second chin/double chin 😄😀😂

  20. Hi Mimi! I really love the top you are wearing! Where did you buy this? Thanks so much for your nutritional insight! 

  21. ALLTOUCHUP Service

    مطبخ العراقيةًً

  22. Great video! 
    Love it. 

  23. I am from Costa Rica… 🙂

  24. Quick correction: foods made with white flour are not necessarily bleached. Wheat is ground and then the bran (where all the nutrients are) is removed. Then the flour actually has to be aged to get to the right texture. However, this is a time-consuming process, so usually flour is treated with bleach to speed up the aging process. You can get into whether the bleach is dangerous, but either way, white flour is just processed carbs. 

  25. I wanted to know how do you tell which herbal tea's are better for you and are the ones that can be purchased at the grocery stores a good choice? Do you order your herbal tea online or buy from health food stores?

  26. Aishwarya belleza

    Why would you eliminate gluten from your food? Is it harmful?

  27. u are soo inspiring!!

  28. you love pink color
    i can see that

  29. NoSoupForYou Kramada

    Ahhhhh you look so pretty! Love the hair and outfit!

  30. Mimi hi! Could you  please explain why bottled water is dangerous for health? Here in Russia we only have an oppottunity to buy 5 liters bottles with clear water. Is ot also dangerous? Or you mean only little plastic bottles (0,5litres) with water?

  31. I love what you're wearing!!

  32. Thank you so much lately i was trying to get healthier and because of your video i fanally know how

  33. do NOT take iron supliments, unless you are prescribed by a doctor and your iron level was chacked. Iron is NOT a vitamin and too much of it can harm your body. I am vegetarian for almost 15 years already and my iron level INCRASED ever since. Dairy products may harm your iron absorbtion, so check that out too if you are vegetarian not averconsuming these.

  34. Look up Flax Seeds, if you haven't found them by now.

  35. Of course, we enjoyed your video. Keep going

  36. thank u so much mini

  37. You are an inspiration! <3

  38. please do a video on posture and those wall excercises 😉

  39. Cooking video please?!!

  40. Surendra Shrestha

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  42. i agree with you Luxy. i take eating healthy very important but when it comes to sharing this information for my fiance or my loved ones, they just done take this serious enough. but i thought i was the only one who knew that drinking juice is not the healthiest. thank you Luxy. Truly inspired.

  43. I'm 18 &' pretty healthy, but this has really helped me. Thank you so much 🙂 x

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    Just one question Bob. Which side of the Potomac did you say the greapes were grown on?

  47. I agree with you. Thank you.

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