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My Diet To Build Lean Muscle Mass – Part 1: Breakfast

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2018)

You’ve asked for it for quite some time now….and here it is! FITNESS ADDICT goes “nutrition” this time and tells you the ins and outs of breakfast! Have you ever wondered exactly what Tyrone eats to get his ripped, shredded, muscular physique? Well…here’s a hint. It’s A LOT of food. As you’ll see over the course of this miniseries on what Tyrone eats to look this way, there is very little calorie restriction going on here!

Eating for muscle growth doesn’t have to be boring, tasteless or just plain impossible to follow. You can eat breakfasts that not only taste great but add lots of lean muscle and kick off your day with endless amounts of energy.

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  1. I honestly did not know you could eat 'Oatmeal' in a raw form …… Obviously I thought it has to be boiled or cooked.

  2. Tyrone do you eat the yolk or just the whites???

  3. uncooked oatmeal and milk will make u a shredded mother fucker yall

  4. 2 eggs ,when you fart

  5. I'm 52 years old and I want to get in shape. I'm going to put your training to the test. I Believe.

  6. will it be the same if we do boil the oatmeal

  7. schrodingerdiscovery

    This was a great workout. My jaw hurts after eating.

  8. how to get big biceps without equipment

  9. Ey Tyrone, mad props on the epic devotion to doing u. Question i have is this. Do you eat the same food for each meal day after day.

  10. why u change ur music ……. that ur cool music dude ……?

  11. 2 eggs that's 12 gram's of protein and milk look's like to cups that's 16 gram's that's 28 gram protein I would take in more then that to grow

  12. what can i have if i dont eat oatmeal.

  13. bro plz come up with a excersise for growing tall I'm seriously trying all ur workoutz I got a good result tq for tat bro .. but I'm suffering from short height I'm fed up of being short plz teach us a excersise for growing tall bro plz .. .😫

  14. Yo Tyrone, is it bad to eat flavored oatmeal?

  15. post a daily meal prep for a week?

  16. quick oats or minute oats is not raw. its already processed or cooked. get steel cut oats forget that instant shit.

  17. Is this meal pre-workout?

  18. lol wth heat it up and add a little honey dammmm !

  19. the secret is you are full of shit, 2 eggs, oatmeal
    I smell a lie..a mile away

  20. Dude have a life fuck you mother fucker lier

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