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My Fav Healthy Snacks + Diet Tips

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2018)

these are the yummiest diet foods around. perfect if you count calories or do the point system

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disclaimer: all items purchased by me. not a sponsored video

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  1. Trisha looks great in this video!! It's so sad now 🙁

  2. trish 2012: “no more eating on camera that was a mistake”
    oh the irony

  3. I missss this

  4. Love this babe what happened to your goals motivation and just general happiness

  5. I love how she's covering her mouth and said she shouldn't have eaten on camera blah blah blah and that is disgusting and when somebody ask her to do an eating show she said Gross now she does full on mukbangs

  6. " I guess this is why people don't eat on camera" oh how things have changed…

  7. I miss this Trish 🙁

  8. It sucks that you've gone down hill so much from this. I don't get how someone can go from fully functional, sane and normal to the hot mess you are now.

  9. Oh my god the silver hair Trish was the best. She was genuine and I felt she was generally happy & loved to show it. Plus her normal lips. I hate her botched pout nowadays.

  10. What a beautiful girl.

  11. You are awesome Trisha plz don't ever change😊

  12. 10 calories for 1 awww trisha's so cute and innocent 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  13. "No more eating on camera anymore"

    Oh Trisha. How far you have fallen.

  14. I miss this trish

  15. She looks like such a mom here and I love it it's so cute

  16. you were so beautifull! What happened to you???

  17. "I'm not going to eat on film"

  18. She sounds so nice and gentle here

  19. She looks so good here

  20. She was so cute!

  21. She looks so pretty with natural lips

  22. And now all you do is eating shows?

  23. Those nails sucked

  24. a lot of people think that just because something is low calorie it's healthy???? just because chocolate is portioned a certain way that doesn't make it healthy. still love you though, trish

  25. Nature gave her the lips she had and they looked so natural and beautiful. Now the fatty duck lips are overboard and look silly (and they don't fit her face). Prettier natural, ladies. Always remember that!

  26. I know Trish was younger here but i felt that there was something REALLY different about her here. And i just realized that her lips are way smaller here!

  27. Who else is missing this Trish?

  28. So gorgeous here xxx

  29. now eating in film is like a thing of yours (: love you trish

  30. "who would eat a pizza on film thats just creepy!"

    2 YEARS LATER…😂😂😂

  31. its funny how she says she wont eat on camera again and now she makes gross eating fetish videos

  32. I know she's younger in this. But she's definitely prettiest here. She's still pretty now just looks so natural here.

  33. She was so natural, fresh and looks way better

  34. She looks a little like Carrie underwood in this video

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