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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2018)

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– Mascarpone Cheese
– 100% Cacao (natural unsweetened)
– Truvia (or stevia)
– Heavy Whipping Cream

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  1. this the reason how im still fat on a keto diet…been destroying a bowl of this daily…

  2. I made it with 150 grams of cream cheese and added two spoons of coco wow , you made my day 🙂

  3. Can you substitute cream cheese for the mascarpone cheese?

  4. Jason, my husband and I make this same dessert, but we add a little ground espresso to the mix and finish it off with non sweetened bakers chocolate shavings.. tastes like tiramisu.. AMAZING!!

  5. I made this and added waaaaaay too much cocoa powder. Was way too bitter 🙁 . Also I didnt have mascarpone cheese so I just used butter and Philadelphia cream cheese instead. I dont know if it tastes the same as yours but it turned out pretty tasty minus the bitterness 😀

  6. is there a way to add a certain amount of each product to better track macros?

  7. Apollonas Kapsalis

    Jason, stevia is not artificial. Extract of a plant, should be considered as natural sweetener!

  8. What would you call this for my fitness pal?

  9. Simple enough, but can be waay too tempting once it is all in front of me!

  10. Just tried a variation of this, subbed a half scoop of cookies and cream protein powder for the cocoa powder/stevia. Added a few sugar free chocolate chips. So good.

  11. Keep doing the lords work Jason 😂..fantastic

  12. Do you really need to add sugar substitute? I'm not a fan of Stevia or other sugar substitute?

  13. Dennis de los Reyes

    I've been doing keto for a little over a month now and the results have been awesome. This dessert is a game changer. I mean…with a dessert like this, who needs to go back to any other way of eating. I love it, my kids love it…it's awesome. Thanks Jason

  14. Aren't sweeteners horrible for your health?

  15. I made this tonight with 250grams soft and creamy mascarpone, 40ml thickened cream/heavy whipping cream, 3 TBSP unsweetened cocao powder and 3 packs of equal sweetener. Make s 4 serves approx 70grams each 359 calories 5grams carbs, 3.5 grams protein and 36 grams of fat and 2.3grams fibre per serve. I added this on my fitness pal and named it keto mousse as it was a very mousse like texture. To make it more mousse like simple whip it up some more with a hand mixer.
    This was so good to finish off my day and give me the last amount of fat I needed without adding much carbs or protein.

  16. How many servings does this make???

  17. Looks great thanks 🙂

  18. So delicious! I topped it off with some chopped pecans 🙂

  19. What are the macros and what should the serving size be?

  20. Mine didn't taste too good. I used 2 tbsp cocoa powder and 2 packets organic stevia.

  21. This looks divine! Have you tried using a hand or immersion blender? Would that be too much power?

    BTW: Sugar alcohols like erythritol, Xylitol and herbal ones like Stevia aren't actually artificial. I think that term is usually used for the nasty stuff like Equal /NutraSweet (Aspartame ) and Splenda (Sucralose). I believe the artificial ones actually raise insulin.

  22. Ciara Mcwilliams

    the way you say cocoa really angers me 😐

  23. This was sooo good! Even my three year old loved it!

  24. Dude, this shit is dangerous!! Its a good think I Intermittent Fast daily!

  25. this what i was looking for,something easy and fast .
    thank you so much.

  26. OMG it's very good…Thanks Jason 🙂

  27. I'm starting this sat I'm 318lbs 5'11 and HIV positive. all the meds had me gain weight. not I'm off those just taking the few I need to keep me healthy. I'm ready to start this journey. had to relearn to walk I'm now on a mission not even keto flu will stop me! thank you giving me another chance I NEVER thought I'd have.

  28. I'm going to make it right now. Mascarpone is amazing.

  29. Lurking Crass Zero

    Chocolate cream cheese icing.

  30. You right..omg this is heaven. Thank you so much.

  31. can you use cream cheese instead

  32. Ha I challenge he anyone who doesn't eat that in one sitting lol

  33. PeanutButterVibes

    This is one of my favorite snacks when I'm feeling like eating something sweet! Also, adding a sprinkle of cinnamon makes it taste like Mexican Cocoa 👍🏻

  34. ty, this made my keto change alot easier

  35. Question! If Stevia or Truvia are okay.. then why Diet Coke is not? Both use sweeteners and cause identical insulin reaction.

  36. Hey Jason, loving all of your videos. I've been eating plain full fat Greek yogurt with nuts and one strawberry, but I'm worried about the carbs. Any thoughts?

  37. OMG. Just ate almost all of it in one sitting. Delish!!!

  38. The problem is stevia doesnt taste good. Its like a chemical ghost of sweetness… Trying to cut down on carbs and sugar… made my coffe with stevia sweetner, two pills werent enough – 3 tasted weird as mentioned above. cant imagine what itll do in ever greater ammounts like in this desert.

  39. what's your opinion on these artificial sweeteners messing up your gut bacteria? I've heard it's better just to use raw honey

  40. Ignacio Landeros Jr

    Ive been on this diet for a little over 2 weeks now and Im down 18 lbs started at 262 and down to 244. I went from prediabetic to normal blood sugar, high blood pressure finally stabilized and I feel great and naturally happier. I want to 200 but never stop this diet.

  41. This sounds great! I just made a really great keto Ice Cream. It was fantastic out of the ice cream machine. Now we wait to see if it keeps its great texture overnight in the freezer.

  42. You do not count calories on Keto…research Brian Williamson Keto King and find his write up on Calories…that is why I started Keto unlike Weight Watchers where you count points via calories…Started Keto in May of 2015 works beautiful to make a healthy body not just smaller jeans…you will stall on and off and closer to a set point weight but keep going for life as its the only way of eating that makes sense to ward off disease….

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