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  1. You are telling about weight loss or weight gain 😂😂😂

  2. #Rujutadiwekarofficial this is her own channel go and find out there her real tips and advise over your questions.. This channel must be fanmade..

  3. mera stomec after prigncy 4 yeras ho gae he rha he to abhe dite folw kergto stomec kom ho kay pleas tips

  4. She doesn't have good figure…how she can give advise to lose wait…

  5. Haha…all these r routine breakfasts ,how can they reduce belly flat …blady

  6. Totally fake.Dears you should hv your own mind…Parntha … banana …eat…n u will loose belly fat…nice joke.hehehe

  7. Will paratha help to loose weight? I don't know about this…..😔

  8. Nice

  9. Is this breakfast diabetes friendly?

  10. Thanks a ton someone is allowing us to have our idli dosa n paratha….

  11. Friends how she will give free advice , just take it or not one's choice .

  12. She wont reply…just fooling around people…never gave any diet plan

  13. Maam what shud b d food pattern, starting from bfst, for diabetics.. Can u please give ur valuable advice

  14. bakwas.

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