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Even if you aren’t a kid anymore, I suggest giving this a watch! These meals are great for all ages, as long as you make more quantity 🙂

THE BENTO BOX BRAND I USE: www.monbento.com

Recipe for bliss balls:
1 cup dates
1 cup cashews
1-2 tbsp nut butter or liquid sweetener

Blend in a food processor until sticky and rollable. Roll into small balls. Store in fridge for up to 5 days.

Pete’s Fine Foods: http://petes.ca

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  1. I wonder what avocado taste like..

  2. What brand of vegan cheese do you use for the pizzas???

  3. That pizza one was the best and i tryed it all of my friends were like can we exchange lunch please and i was like noooo

  4. You look just like Brooklyn and Bailey!! This is very creative!

  5. That food looks amazing and sooo good😛

  6. Your aesthetic gets me every time it's so satisfying I tend to be very organized with plating too so your ideas inspire me

  7. Charlotte Bouilloux

    this looks so yummy

  8. Kids lunches are honestly the best. Thanks for this ~

  9. wow she's a genious

  10. I tried the first one and it was BOMBBBBBB

  11. dont explain yourself. just jump into the vid

  12. I am kid so this will be perfect for me and I need to lose the extra weight so this will be delicious and healthy

  13. Gwendalynn Alvarado

    Kids are humans we eat NORMAL FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The is funny day make the shape out of the cookies cuter like a stare

  15. Hi can you be my mom?? Honestly?? My mom doesn't even make me dinner lol

  16. My son is picky. He is all about textures ( more than likely because he is autistic ) . Thanks for the video

  17. Wait at 5:48 is that cheese vegan becuz cheese has milk in it

  18. Very cute ideas my son is only 11 months but this is inspiring for when he actually is old enough to eat that kind of stuff

  19. Holographic Multiverse

    Love your channel! Love the music too 💖 Inlakesh

  20. Omg I am way to old to eat these but I still think that looks so cute and freaking tasty

  21. this video is vegetarian, not vegan. No hate though, awesome ideas.

  22. NO masters NO slaves

    Awesome ideas!

  23. I will be looking after a vegan little boy and those ideas are so creative and yummy looking! Thank you so much!

  24. I love these ideas and I will be using them but cheese is not vegan

  25. Where do you get those black boxes ?

  26. just saying chocolate chips and cheese is not vegan

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