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Simple Diet – Meal plan: How to Lose 10 Pounds in One Week – EXTREMELY Simple and Effective #diet

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2017)

For the best result, I propose you one program EXTREMELY Simply and Effective is 2 Week Diet program by Brian

Happy weight losing guys! 🙂

Simple Diet – Meal plan: How to Lose 10 Pounds in One Week – EXTREMELY Simple and Effective #diet

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    And for the best result, I propose you should follow an effective program like 2 Week Diet program of Brian Flatt :

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    Happy weight losing guys! 🙂

  2. #Rachel #Kitty Lover

    You said "druk" when you meant to say "Drank"

  3. i should stop eating. or just drink fluids. thats the only way i can be beautiful. if i want to eat, i should only eat an apple thats IT. many suggest not eating at all. believe me i tried. did not work. i vomited all 3 nights i did that diet. many people give me junk food and i refuse and they say im not being “normal”. and when i do eat just a tiny bag, they FUCKING JUDGE ME. i like salads. they are really tasty, but whenver i do eat them people always asume im on a diet and try to give me something else to “Relive it.” THEN WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO EAT? AIR?!? I know many of you might ignore this. but i just really want to vent out. show the world how messed up it is.

  4. i really need to lose weight. i weigh around 146. guess how old am i? 13. FUCKING 13. im in middle school

  5. the best fat reduction that ive ever had was by following the Alinn diet plan (just google it) without a doubt the most helpful diet i've followed.

  6. the best fat reduction that ive ever had was by following the Alinn diet plan (just google it) without a doubt the most helpful diet i've followed.

  7. Thank you for the info ! Took notes ?

  8. What a great content! Definitely what i've been looking for. Ever since highschool i've always struggled with weight. My main problem was i ate too much and the food that i ate didn't help the weight loss at all. In fact it made it worse because i was eating pizza, beer and soda and etc and binge eat on a weekend because of parties. Then i'd run for two hours in gym everyday and wonder why i'm not losing weight. It was so frustrating. I meant that lifestyle worked back in high school but when you get older, i didn't understand your metabolism changes also. Ever since that realisation, now i'm aware of my diet and my exercises and i've seen changes finally.

    Exercise is very important but good diet is everything .What you eat and how much is the key to weightloss. First i stopped drinking soda and also stayed under 1800 calories every day while walking thirty minutes to hour walking on treadmill. i also cut my portion of my meals in half and didn't snack on chips or soda like i used to. That's when i finally started seeing some changes in my body and felt thinner and more healthy. Remember, just because it's healthy it don't mean you can pig out on it. Portion control still applies. Too much of anything is not good.

    So now i don't have to keep going to gym everyday and burn cardio to just not gain weight. I just lose weight now by simply eating less. Exercise is a bonus and it gives me foundation in my muscles and makes me feel strong.I was obese at 188 lbs but now i'm at 168 lbs and my goal is to try to get to 155 lbs. Hope these tips were also valuable friends.

    Another thing that helped me tremendously was the 2 week diet book by Brian Flatt. I was skeptical at first but this diet book to me is the Bible of diet with unlimited strategies and plans. If you are struggling to lose weight or don't know what to eat or think or where to start to lose weight. This ultimate datebook will definitely help you shred weight in two weeks if you follow their proven strategies and keep them off for good. Check it out on the link below. i think it will give you tremendous value.


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  10. Best advice ever. Lost 3 pounds in 2 days!

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  12. I can't eat meat… What should I change it to? Is it okay if I eat chicken instead?

  13. This diet is great! I lost 14 lbs the first week and a total of 73 lbs over a 5 month period. My weight did fluctuate a bit due to working out mildly while dieting. I recommend this diet to anyone serious about getting healthy. I know the menus and eating tips by heart and will never stray back to the old days. http://bit.ly/Best2WeekDietReview

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  19. Simple Loss Weight

    nice tips

  20. Loved this diet plan … i tried this diet: https://tinyurl.com/yc3zy2sf and it helped me to start losing weight (lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks) but I'm not there yet so trying some new things.

  21. what r we supposed to eat through out the day! doctors have shown that all liquid diets can be very dangerous to peoples health so i do not recommend this diet.

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  25. meh, serinuma – san can lose 150 pounds in a week

  26. I eat less . I have rice only one time during dinner . I do take green tea in the morning in empty stomach .Still I am fat and didn't shed any weight

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  33. Ok it's nice and let me try upto one week if it really works I LL do as same as shown here

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