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“Skinny” Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe (No Butter or Sugar!)

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2017)

This Carrot Cake recipe has no butter, no artificial sugar, it’s low in calories and low in fat! It is naturally sweeten, very moist, crunchy and it’s actually good for you. So you and your loved ones can enjoy the cake without feeling guilty. Watch this video for the full recipe. Please do share your Carrot Cake picture with me on Facebook and Instagram.

Earlier this month, I celebrated my mother’s birthday and thought I would do something different. Instead of just buying another cake, I decided to bake her my first ever Carrot Cake and surprised her. I shared our ‘special moment’ on Facebook & Instagram, and you guys requested for the recipe. So here it is!

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. Bake this cake for your mother or for your loved ones. A cake made by you with love will always taste yummier and sweeter than store bought cakes.

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  1. Two table spoons of Stevia will make it inedible!

  2. Recipe starts at 1:41

  3. Hi, can I use almond flour?

  4. Eggs and cream cheese are not healthy sorry.

  5. Can you use almond flour?

  6. Does this work with molasses instead of honey

  7. what size pan are you using?

  8. If you don't want cream cheese as the frosting, you can try vanilla cream coconut as the frosting instead. Carrot cake and coconut goes so well together. I made another recipe using half/half coconut oil and canola oil and used coconut flour instead. My cake turned out really delicious and moist.

  9. recently tried doing ur bikini body workout but gave up lol?? now i search up healthy desserts and i didn't know it was u until the video started! i feel haunted

  10. Healthy things are expensive

  11. so healthy I can eat it everyday? ??? thats what im lookin for!!

  12. u r so beautiful

  13. Can i use almond mill instead of wheat flour?

  14. Hi! Can I use coconut oil or sunflower oil instead of olive oil? I really don't like the taste of it in baking 🙂 .., thx!

  15. Cheers for the video content! Sorry for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you tried – Millawdon Dessert Allowed Trick (google it)? It is a good one of a kind guide for discovering low fat desserts recipes minus the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my best friend Jordan finally got cool success with it.

  16. looks yummy, I love carrot cake ?

  17. thankyou so much. i've been cooking only this cake all the time.

  18. How is this healthy?? Only difference between this and normal cake is that this contains fructose instead of sucrose.

  19. What is considered 1 serving when I cut a piece of the cake?

  20. I used all whole wheat flour and it was not what I expected.. very sticky and the consistency was very think.. Will definitely try half and half next time 🙂

  21. Plz show in case of no oven

  22. one of my fav recipes. i have made this atleast 6 times now in 2 months period.

  23. Hi Joanna ! Thanks for the great recipe … loved it but my question is " how many days will the cake stay outside if I don't do the cream icing and keep it dry as I hv to give it to my son for his hostel. Thanks !!

  24. I`ve tried to bake it 2 times and it gets dry on the outside, but still too wet inside. I have also tried to cook it longer in the over, but the inner part stays too dry still. Same was for your zuccini bread recipe 🙁

  25. Video starts at 1:43

  26. Charlotte Cantrell

    Gorgeous cake, can't wait to try it! Thank you!

  27. Well, your worries were right. This cake does look like a disaster.

  28. subhashri mohapatra

    pls tell me replacement of egg

  29. It came out really well. Thankyou and yummy to eat with light icecream.

  30. Hey Joanna!
    Iam really impressed with your way of healthy lifestyle.
    I am not over weight but i do have belly pooch. Kindly tell me diet plan for losing belly fat.
    Thank you dear :*

  31. try putting the yogurt in a thin cloth
    tie it up and hang it to a tap to let drain the excess water
    will give your yogurt a thick creamy texture

  32. I want lose weight 10 kg plz help me

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