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Super High Protein Omelette – Indian Egg Recipes – Bodybuilding Diet Breakfast

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2018)

My high protein recipes : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkb5DkraJZg&list=PLfNW_1ECVaTjY6eBMe07LgTSnhHSTdT-9&index=2

Ingredients :-
1)4 whole eggs
2)50g Green Gram (Moong Dal)
3)50g Moth Bean (Matki Dal)
4)50g Bengal Gram (Chana Dal)
5)1 Tbsp Ghee
6)1 Tbsp Cumin (Jeera)
7)1 Tsp Red Chilli Powder
8)1/2 Tsp Turmeric
9)1/2 Tsp Garam Masala
10)Salt to taste

Optional Ingredients :-
12)Curry Leaves

The latest high protein BeerBiceps Indian Egg recipe is this monster 57g protein fuelled stuffed dal omelette. One of the tastiest Indian bodybuilding meals you’ll ever come across!
Not only is this your go to high protein breakfast but it will also become your go to high protein snack. High protein meals have never been as delicious as this simple indian recipe. Honestly speaking, even cooking beginners will be able to ace this particular recipe. This is ideal Bodybuilding food for mass, but keep in mind, by mass i don’t mean bodybuilder mass. I mean lean muscle mass. So girls reading this, (if for some weird reason you’ve reached this far into my description. Seriously, I only write this for search engine optimisation, lol) feel free to have this high protein indian egg recipe. Yes its a little high in carbs and yes its a little high in a bit of fat – but the both the carbs and the fat in this dish are CLEAN. And thats what matters the most. The Indian bodybuilding diet should be packed with high protein meals for breakfast lunch dinner and even the occasional snack. If all indian snacks were this high in protein the nation would be a better place!




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  1. Pakistani Fitness

    Itni protein hazam hi nai hoti hamra stomach 24gram sy zda.protein hajam nai kr skta at one time

  2. The weekend omlette

  3. Rakshith.v Rakshi

    What happened to your voice

  4. Awww yeah

  5. I really love that recipe nd i wil definetly try this out

  6. Prasantakumar Banerjee

    super protein :-
    1) whole wheat 50 gm.
    2) one banana massed
    3) cashew butter 10 teasp
    4) chhana/paneer 150 gm
    5) coconut kora (fine coconut) 5 teasp
    6) sugar powder 2 teasp
    7) finely chopped pistacheo 5 teasp
    8) massed walnut 5 teasp
    9)1 teasp butter
    10) 5 teaspoon cheese
    11) 5 yeasp almond butter
    mix all with water and make and then make some big pressed-tablet. Lightly fry them with ghee.

  7. how many calories in this recipe???

  8. One question Ranveer. Can we use the sprouted moong dal and chana instead of boiling it?

  9. Can u please date me…

  10. Santosh Nihalani

    your all videos are bull shit.

  11. Thanku bro. Tried it. it's just awesome..

  12. I tried eating this much cooked sprouts during a day and my stomach gave up for couple of days. High Protien is fine, but these dals are heavy to digest and should be eaten in moderation.

  13. GHEE is a big NO, you can replace it with Olive oil/Coconut oil.

  14. BeerBiceps this is the first video I watched of this channel n it seems pretty good the way u uniquely cooked the omelet.. I try this recipe today itself..

  15. We don't have so much time to waste on this fuccking receipe….!!

  16. 5:20 why u did that

  17. Dude… "dals" sprouts are 2nd class protein.. Go get some knowledge… Maha chu h tu 😑😑

  18. kala channay has 16 grms of protein.

  19. Ghee… is Saturated fat

  20. this is not good for who planned to weight loss,, high calories and, highy in carbohydrate and low protien,,so dont flow guys,this is not good for you

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